Sun King Media

'Sun King Media' is the audio recording imprint of the 'Mercury Group of companies'. The studios are operated by a group of internationally syndicated voice actors and bestselling authors. We create all forms of media from TV commercials to games and apps and our audio books are available to download from online retailers such as Amazon, Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Our team provide related vocational training inspired by our continued success in global media and are recognised by the market leaders as key account openers in a subscription based book sharing programme worth over £10 million.
As accomplished writers and voice actors, our goal is to create popular artists out of every person we bring into our studios.  

Marketing is very important to us. Our promotional platforms encompass a variety of old and new media.  We are creative, edgy and persistent in our efforts to gain attention to our artists and to the work they produce.  We invest our time and energy into the artists we choose to work with, and we expect the same in return. 

While we are able to market on a mass scale, tuition has always been about one-on-one connections. We enjoy working with people who are willing to focus on the grassroots efforts necessary to ensure success in a very competitive business.

​There's magic in those words, and that magic is Sun King Media!

For more info please Call Warren: 07895 000264

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