“Sun King Media make publishing, marketing, and distributing so simple, I can just focus on writing and recording.”

Ray; Voice Actor for TV Commercials & Vocalist

"I grew up in Birmingham and took my musical cue from the reggae band UB40. That was the start of my interest in writing and performing. After spending 2 years at Manchester University, I eventually got a degree in the performing arts. It had really been my intention to write and produce music but I found that trying to find someone to represent me in the music business was almost impossible. I spotted the Sun King voice over and audio book courses online and within 3 months I was selling dozens of my roots and reggae audio books. I'm proud to say that I've achieved my ambition of becoming a recording artist."


"The best part of the course is their advice on using the business model."

Sally; Writer & Voice Over for TV Commercials

"Every time I said I wanted to be a voice over, I heard the same thing:

'voice overs don't make money, it's not a good career, it could never be anything more than a hobby and the only people who make good money are the 'big' names.' I was advised to record training CD's or perhaps teach creative writing! I'm sure i'm not the only one to have been given this kind of advice by friends and family.  I decided there might be a better way to chase my dreams and with the teams help I'd soon recorded and had my vocal syle accepted for a TV commercial.."

Arthur; Ilusionist & Voice Over

"The Sun King Media programme allowed us to reach even more students!
Although I'm fairly well accomplished at performing tricks that deceive the eye, I had no idea about the smoke and mirrors required to bring a soundtrack to life.
When I decided to write our guide to magic, many of my decisions were informed by over twenty years of experience. I was an early adopter of eBooks and believed in their future because of the potential to reach more readers . Another reason for my enthusiasm for eBooks was speed to market. My book was going to be about the rapidly-changing world of modern illusion so I needed a much quicker turnaround for revisions. I envisioned being able to make minor changes and have those updates on sale within 24 hours. I knew that an eBook would be the only practical way to do this. I discussed my eBook ideas with some publishers, but I found they were way behind Sun King Media when it came to creating interesting Ebooks and Audio Books."

Rob; Writer & Voice Over

"I was looking for a change in career. I’d always enjoyed English lessons at school but with having to concentrate on earning a living I left school at the earliest opportunity. I think the most important thing the course taught me was the art of composition. My ebook, and the audio version went live earlier this year. Within six months it peaked at 600 downloads a day. That was 600 times £2.99, I couldn’t believe it. I’d gone from nothing to thousands of pounds a week within a few months. The team at Sun King Media are a very, very talented bunch of people; I can’t thank them enough for helping me change my life."


"All I wanted to do was put my book out there!.....

Margaret, author of: (in her own words) 'Kitchen Sink Dramas'

November 2013 marked the three year anniversary of my first step into self-publishing. When I published my first title way back in 2009, I didn't know what a Kindle was, no one read digital books then, and self-publishing was about as cool as a love bite. At the time, the only thing I had to show for my writing was a cupboard full of stories and a folder full of rejections. I mopped floors during the day, worked for a catering company on the weekends, and wrote in between. I updated my story at the studios and was soon published. Now I write full time; it's my job." 

"Sun King Media gave me all the tools and information I needed to get each of my books in front of a worldwide audience......

Philip; author of science books for children

.....I started writing professionally while I was still teaching and serving as a science teacher in a large Derbyshire public school almost 20 years ago. My career as an author began by writing a monthly supplement for a well known science magazine, it was during that time that I began writing science books for children. Many of my books, are based on the simple experiments I was doing every day in my classroom. Eventually, I had so many sales that I gave up teaching to write full time. At this point I have written and recorded so many books that I'm not sure of the exact count.... I think it's getting close to ninety"


"I have nothing but good things to say about Sun King Media. They are part of some big changes in the world of publishing and recording........

Colin; Voice Over & Entrepreneur

......I'm a former market trader having served my apprenticeship on Petty Coat Lane. Needless to say I didn't have any training as a voice actor, but I always had a keen ear for accents and voices. It's those everyday people that have been the inspiration for the character voices I use in the TV and radio commercials I record."



"I'm pleased my stories are getting out there. The course was great fun!"

 Charlie; best-selling voice over of children's audio books. 

Charlies audio books began life as a short stories which were originally published through Amazons 'CreateSpace' and Kindle Direct Publishing. Within a few months, kids began clamoring for more.

The recorded versions have since become a best sellers on with a major production house having picked up the film rights this summer. Apparently, none of it will change Charlie!


"I'm pleased to know that the people at Sun King are still hard at work giving cooks, like myself, the words and the voice to keep shaking and stirring!.......

Louie: the voice of French cooking

The biggest challenge for me was my own self-doubt. This fear kept me from approaching agents and publishers with my work. It was a friends recommendation and his testament to their support and understanding of creative freedom, combined with immediate results, that led me to the Sun King Studios where I joined the voice course in the winter of 2012.

Some people are saying that their courses are removing the gatekeepers to publishing, which is partially true, but in reality they are part of a movement that are making the general public into the gatekeepers. I have learned over the past three years, what people like about my work, and that has allowed me to grow faster than would have been possible by trying to get a publishing deal the traditional way."


Sun King Media