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It's the art of using the voice to sell, inform or entertain on radio and TV, or through the medium of audio books. Voice actors provide the voice for animated films and television shows, they narrate documentaries and do voice-overs on television and radio commercials. If you love acting and have a unique voice, then this might be the right career for you! 

For a Free Voice Over assessment at the Birmingham Studios please call Warren on: 07895 000264

Possibly the question we are asked the most is this;
'How much money can I make in this business?'
The answer is quite a bit. Top voice over talent make six and even seven figure incomes. If you are successful after being auditioned to record a bestselling audio book you might make £10,000 or more in residual payments for just one spot. Commercial contracts pay anywhere from £75-£400 a commercial, depending on market size and whether your commercial runs on TV or radio. While these fees are not astronomical they are certainly good pay for something that's so much fun to do."