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You become a writer the moment you write something. But to become a published writer takes more than putting words on a page; it takes discipline, knowledge and a willingness to learn and work, plus a little inspiration. We believe that we have a handle on the inspiration, and that we can help you with the steps you need to take to become a published writer.

The publishing industry is evolving. Instead of waiting for agents and publishers to give them the green light, many independent writers, just like you, are publishing profitable work for themselves. We help new writers and voice over artists reach new audiences by showing them how to make their work available worldwide. We show them how to become popular indie writers and earn a share of a £10 Million global fund when customers read their books from a worldwide lending Library, plus, earn 70% royalty for sales from; Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle and Google Play.

Over a decade ago, we started this business fully dedicated to helping artists grow and to be of value to the world of entertainment. This momentum along with royalties they have earned tells us that it's working, and we're really proud to be a part of their success.

What Makes a Good Writer?

Brenda say’s:

"Thanks to Sun King Media, I'm currently selling 800 books every month!"

I considered myself to be a good writer, but realised that writing a book was just the first step on the ladder to becoming a successful author.
After to speaking to the team at Sun King Media I understand that there's a formula to gaining sales. It’s not a complicated process, and now, by taking the steps they showed me, I’ve learned how to use a very powerful set of tools.

Since joining the studios last year I’ve created profiles with a number of publishers and now I’m writing new success stories every month. Here’s my approach to giving your talent a sales a boost:
First of all, Sun Kings graphic designer Steve whisked me up a professional cover. He explained that big publishing houses place a great deal of emphasis on beautiful book covers because they recognise that people buy with their eyes. When a prospective buyer is browsing, your book has one brief chance to stand out, so ensuring you have a stunning cover is crucial.
Next to get the Sun King treatment was the ‘bait line’, my books brief intro on the back cover. Assuming interest has been aroused in your book through its carefully designed front cover, next, potential readers will judge whether your book is worth buying based on the lines of enticement on the back. These few words, and how effectively they’re written, can make a huge impact - or they can be forgotten in a moment. Make sure your ‘bait lines’ are concise, true, edited impeccably, and most of all, arresting! Get it right and you could be looking at solid sales from the beginning; get it wrong and you’ll ruin your chances.

I felt confident; I had a keen-eyed proof reader checking through my work; he explained that the worst person to edit a book is the author. After spending all that time pouring over your manuscript, being able to spot discrepancies in continuity and grammar issues is almost impossible. To allow your book to proceed to publishing without taking it through this process is a huge mistake. If a book contains errors when published, it will inevitably receive bad reviews, and the knock-on effect will be poor sales.

The editor at Sun King took my story and turned it into a perfectly written book without changing the tone or style in any way.
He went on to explain that I should be clear on where I was going to sell my books. Scouring the market became my new daily routine. Eventually, after taking his advice, I chose to sell my eBooks through Amazon Kindle, and my paperbacks through Createspace (the Amazon print per order service). Sun King has helped me sell my books in so many other places since then, but I found that Amazon was the best place to start.

Once I was designed and published I took advantage of a free Amazon promotion and sold 220 books in just two days! As a result, my book shot up the Amazon list.

Speaking to other industry professionals at the studio I realised that in this day and age having an online presence is crucial. Having Steve design the cover for me, and explain that there was a website included in the price was reassuring. My website is themed to match my books and helps drive traffic to my selling platforms. I love how easy it to share on social media pages and mailing lists; everyday it seems to attract new fans from around the world.

Finally, one of the most important parts of the merchandising process is setting the price of your book. Forget what you’d like to make per sale for the moment. Consider what you’d pay an independent author who has one or two books published, and then consider how much you’d pay for a book written by your favourite established author. You’ll probably come up with two different figures. The most important thing is to get your titles moving. Start with a realistic price and see how it goes. I settled on £2.99 per eBook. Sales are steady and I know that at some point I’ll be able to charge more as I become better known.

With Sun Kings help all I have to do now is write more books!



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